How To Create A SparTechs Account

Creating A SparTechs Account Guide. 

1. Register For A SparTechs Account ( Looking to be hired to work ).

2. Verify your email/account.

3. Check your email for account verification link.

4. Once you have clicked account verification link, you’ll be able to browse the website or click dashboard to complete your profile and post your resume.

5. You must complete setting up your profile, for your profile to be displayed as a SparTechs. Click ” Edit My Profile ” to complete your SparTechs Profile.

6. Fill in all required fields for your SparTechs profile. This is what employers will see. Post resume, description of work/skills you have, and your requirements.

7. Complete profile requirements and click update profile at the bottom.

8. Once you have completed your profile. Your profile will be live ( upon review ).




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