We are in the business of connecting people with opportunities.



SparTechs was founded on the idea of creating a market for End Users seeking specific talent. Whether it be short term, long term, or permanent, the goal is Simple. Connect the right SparTechs to the right need. Too often companies use job recruiters and social media outlets when looking for the right candidate. It’s a tedious process and the end results are not always positive. At SparTechs, you will find the best candidate for the best project.


Let’s face it. You are reading this because you either need a job, need extra money, or seeking permanent placement. At SparTechs it’s Simple. Register an account, upload your resume, specify your rate, get selected and start today.   Too often talented people are let go because of politics, budget cuts, or loss of need. At SparTechs we recognize your talent and we built a platform to market it. Who knows, you might land a full time position, and even better have fun.